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With MyFood, we set out to do something unique.
Make it incredibly easy to let others know about food allergies and intolerances.
We figured that by doing so, we could make the experience of serving food while entertaining, and while being entertained, easier, and perhaps even safer. This meant thinking about and solving a couple of increasingly difficult problems. What do the people I'm entertaining eat and how do people entertaining me know what I eat? The result is a simple solution that is available as an iOS app and as a web app. You can even use both as the information is shared!

We knew you would care about what your guests can't eat because, well, it just isn't a good idea to make them sick...or worse! But we didn't want to stop there. Once you knew what they can't eat, or perhaps won't eat for ethical or religious reasons, we figured you would be just as interested to know what they love to eat, and what they hate to eat. Isn't this so? Of course it is, because you want to serve your guests food that will bring them pleasure? Why?
Because you care!
If you are like us, you probably know a lot of people who have specific dietary requirements. Some simply have a very narrow range of foods they will eat due to preference. Others have food allergies or intolerances (roughly one third of people do!), or have made choices due to personal ethics, or have requirements because of their religion. Maybe it's medications, creams, additives, or even animals, rather than food, that they need to avoid. Whatever the item and whatever the reason, you don't want to have to ask them repeatedly what their restrictions are. What you really need is something to help keep track of things, just like we did.
It's easy with MyFood.

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MyFood ( is an Ontario, Canada corportation founded in 2014 by CEO Brad Maybee because he and his wife needed it. They simply couldn't remember any more which of their friends ate what, or more importantly, which ones couldn't eat what. Since no app existed to do what MyFood does, Mr. Maybee, who has 20+ years experience working at an executive level in software and hardware companies, decided he'd have to create it.
Using standard social media paradigms, MyFood will make your life easier

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