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The Food Passport for Everyone...Everywhere!

Your Food - Your Way - Your Health

Dislikes - Intolerances - Allergies - Likes - Ethical/Religious

• Simple to use

• Life-saving

• Social

• Informative

• Educational

• Unique

• Personalized

• Communicates dietary restrictions and preferences

• Simplifies entertaining

• Can save a life

• Help adhere to religious requirements

• Builds a community

• Saves time

• Helps minimize/eliminate frustration of preparing food people can’t or won’t eat

• Respectful and inclusive

• Build food consciousness

• Confidence

• Personalized – caring

• Safe

"A FANTASTIC idea for all of my friends who throw dinner parties and can't always remember what their guests like or don't like or can't necessarily eat! I joined so that people who invite me to their dinner parties will have a pretty damn good idea. I'm just about to add my favourite wines!!!"
- Miriam
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MyFood - How it Works
"So many people today, especially children, have severe food allergies. Others are making choices about what they eat based on intolerances, or have ethical or religious restrictions. My wife and I found that we were unable to keep current with the dietary requirements of our daughter's friends and the people we know, so I went looking for an app to help us. I could not find anything that came close to meeting our requirements, so I created MyFood."- Brad Maybee, CEO & Founder of MyFood

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